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Amazing First Day of 2015!

What a great day we had today! As you know, it snowed here and in the surrounding areas last night…quite a bit in fact! So, today we spent the day playing outside in the snow…it was a perfect Jeep day! I think just about everybody in Tucson who had a Jeep in their garage pulled it out for today!

This is us with Josh and Joshua Penrod up near Rice Peak on the back side of Mt. Lemmon. So glad I had four wheel drive! Notice the snowball coming at me from my son!

The Penrod’s had intentions of camping this evening, so we spent a good hour trying to get a fire going. I think we were successful, but they ultimately decided not to spend the night.

Getting serious about the fire! Lots of wet wood around, so it was difficult!

Yeah, that’s blood in the snow! From what, we have no idea. When we got to the camping area, there was a log covered in blood. Michelle and I tracked it up into the mountain a bit…we assume it was hunters doing their thing.

Samantha swinging a machete! Despite the amount of time Joshua spent sharpening it…it didn’t work all that well. 🙁

Joshua with his newly acquired machete. Fun stuff!

Earlier in the day I spent some time taking pictures outside. I actually got up before sunrise so I could get some shots before the snow melted. Here is my absolutely beautiful wife at one of the bridges in West Lambert Lane Park.

An early morning view from the same park. It was cold, beautiful, and very quiet, despite the number of cars in the parking lot.

I also headed out to the area where the 50 Year Trail is behind Mt. Lemmon. Those who have rode this trail may recognize it as the entrance to the area where things get serious!

Lots of cool boulders in the 50 Year Trail Area. I love mountain biking this trail, and having it all covered in snow was very special!

How could I not take a picture of saguaro in the snow. That would just be plain wrong!

Just about every branch in the area had a nice layer of snow and ice on it. It was really, really beautiful!

Finally, the Pusch Ridge trail area. The sky is a bit blown out, but the view was spectacular. There was no less than 30 cars in the parking area that only hold something like six cars! Everybody and their camera was out today.

The first day of 2015 was truly a wonderful day. Today was, without a doubt, the best New Years Day I have spent in recent memory. Time out taking pictures, spending time with my wife and family in the amazing environment God provided to show us that things are starting anew…it simply couldn’t get any better!

Happy New Year!